Munich, Bavaria’s capital, is a city with an impressive historical and cultural background. In this this former medieval town took place many important events from the World Wars such as the student resistance movement, known as White Rose. If you’re planning a trip to Munich, you should be aware of the following things.

Don’t go to Oktoberfest in weekends

No one enjoys drinking beer in a crowded place with no place to sit. Also, on weekends the roller coaster rides are shorter. So it’s better to go to this festival on Monday when you can drink your beer without dozens of people pushing and touching you.


Don’t take the subway train

Instead of spending your money and time on public transportation, rent a bike or walk around. I know it can be exhausting, but if you take the subway train you will see only the tunnels. Therefore, if you’re walking or riding you can admire the architecture and the surroundings of Munich.

Don’t visit the BMV Museum

You may not have time to visit all the museums in Munich, so you can skip the BMV Museum. You can see a few cars (but nothing special) and learn about BMV’s history. The admission fees are high: 10 euros. Moreover, many people affirmed that the purpose of this museum may be to attract people to work for the company (In different parts of the museum were pictures of the employees).

Don’t go shopping at Maximilianstraße

As much as you love shopping, don’t go to these boutiques from Maximilianstraße Boulevard. Don’t let yourself tempted by the names of Dolce &Gabbana, Versace, Dior or Chanel. Things are overpriced and you can find them cheaper on Amazon or in your malls from home. Don’t expect to find local products.

Don’t lose your attention

It’s important to pay attention at your valuables, especially in crowded areas. Nowadays, thieves have developed a series of different strategies in which they can steal your belongings without your notice. Always keep an eye on your pocket or bag.

Don’t go shopping on Sunday

Because everything is closed except for gas stations and churches. There are also a few bakeries and cafés opened, but they are situated in the tourist area of Munich. If you’re not staying in one of those areas, it can be hard to buy something to eat.

Don’t spend just a few days in Munich

Munich is a big city with amazing attractions so it’s almost impossible to visit them in just 2 or 3 days. If you can, stay for at least one week.

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Take into consideration these facts for your future trip.