Marketing and selling your goods and services can be really hard if you do not have the proper training and knowledge. The customer too has changed thanks to information technology and so you cannot embrace traditional marketing strategies anymore. However, with expert selling tips, you can make the tables turn in your favor!Image result for Selling Tips From A Successful Entrepreneur!

Three basic selling tips-

George Bardwil is the successful business owner of one of the largest and oldest textile industry companies in Southampton Long Island- Bardwil Industries. This Company was established by his grandfather in 1906 and has approximately 60 staff spread across three states.  He says when you are in the market selling products and services, it is very important for you to note that times have changed and traditional methods do not work.

Mr. Bardwil says that it is very important for you to train your marketing staff if you are a business owner. The textile market in the USA is very challenging and Mr. Bardwil says that he always ensures that his staff are trained in the latest technologies so that they are able to communicate better with their customers. Given below are 3 basic tips that he gives you for effective selling and marketing-

  1. Create awareness– The first thing that you should do when you are marketing or selling a product is create awareness about it. This is because the customer today has become informed and very savvy. Now information is easily available free online. Every industry is covered online and all you have to do is log into credible sources to find out information about products and services. This means if you are a seller, you must have good market and product information. Creating awareness and educating the customer should be your prime focus in business.
  2. Generating the need- Customers have many choices of the service and products available to them and this is one reason why you should never chase them. There are many rival companies that are selling the same product or service as you. It is time for you to be different and generate the need of the service and product in the minds of the customer. In this manner, the customer will at least listen to what your service or product has to offer says Mr. Bardwil.
  3. Selling the product- This is the last step out of these three steps. Mr. Bardwil says that if you get the above 2 steps correct, selling the product will not become a hassle-some task for you. It is important for you to note that once you have created awareness and generated the need of the product or the service in the minds of the customer, selling the product becomes a very simple task. Lead generation is faster too!

Therefore, if you are a business owner like George Bardwil, it is prudent for you to take note of the above 3 steps. This is manner you are able to improve your selling and marketing strategies without any kind of hassles at all. Your staff will be more productive and generate more revenue for your company.