Cars are arguably one of the things in the must-have list for men. This is because the quest to move from one location to another by man has made it a necessity. Despite this wonderful benefit of a car, most people still don’t own it, not because they don’t need it, but rather because the cost of acquiring one. For those that can afford it, there are some necessary steps that has to be taken prior to purchase. So the major step towards guarding against careless spending is having proper inspection of the car you wish to buy. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire professionals, you need to know what should be checked during a pre purchase car inspection Medford Oregon.

Before making a purchase here are some tips to follow

Check the Paperwork

This is the very first step to take and also having a look at the car’s VIN too, as this will tell you all you need to know about the car, like its oil change, crash and repair history as well as its routine maintenance schedule.

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Turn on the car engine

The next step to take in the inspection process is, carrying out a vehicle emissions inspection, here the car engine is turned on and the smoke from the exhaust is examined after keeping the engine running for a long time. Keep the car running until it is hot and then check the exhaust smoke again.

Take a road test

The next step involves taking the car for a ride to ascertain its performance level. Other areas to take note of include its automatic transmission, manual clutch, steering wheel, brakes, speedometer and other vital components that the car needs when it is in motion.

Inspect the exterior visually

Most new cars are actually refurbished and they are passed along as new cars. And you can only spot this out by having a proper inspection of the car’s doors, windshield, upholstery and other interior components of the car.

What are those necessary things that a Car Inspection Professional Check For?

In order to conduct a good and thorough inspection of a vehicle, Pre purchase car inspection specialists in Medford Oregon make use of special tools designed to identify and analyze signs of repair and damage. These tools are essential because there are some certain defects that cannot be spotted by naked eyes except with the aid of these special tools.

It is very important to always check the underside of cars especially when you are about to purchase it. Unfortunately most car buyers neglect this important aspect of the car. Defects like leaking and rust are usually detected on the undersides of cars.

Getting a good car inspector to check out that car before you pay for it might cost you between $100-150 and this is nothing compared to what you will spend on repairs if you neglect their services and buy a defective car.