In recent times weight gain is a matter of concern. Statistics show that the number of weight gain or obese individuals have increased tremendously over the last ten years who have also been diagnosed with co-morbidity factors or weight associated health problems such as tendencies of diabetes, high cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases including high blood pressure .To help such individuals to fight the battle against the increasing body fat certain medications have come out in the market.


Fighting Weight Gain Phentermine is the best known medication for obesity. It is a non prescription alternative phentermine usually efficient for people who want to treat their obesity at home. If you are taking medicine without the advice of a doctor or physician you must take care of the recommended dosage for weight loss.  Phentermine works by suppressing the appetite hence is also termed as the anorexiantand is advised to be administered with caution. Many physicians consider it to be a controlled substance belonging to the scheme of Schedule IV medicines even bariatic medicos has illustrated its similarity with amphetamine which makes the medicine probable for misuse, addiction and abuse . When people fail to obtain a prescription for weight loss they turn to alternatives such as phentermine which are sold by the brands Adipex ,Adipex P  and Suprenza . Among the varieties of phentermine we also find phentermine hydrochloride topiramate available in the market as Qsymia which can also be used as an anti- convulsant . The medicine available over the counter need to be developed more to equate the functions of a prescribed brand of phentermine which is next to impossible as the working of the phentermine is not known, however it is believed to work through the secretion of catecholamine from the hypothalamus. Catecholamine is effective in reducing appetite thus leading to weight loss and weight management by providing a sensation of being full with food. The same can also happen by the working of neurotransmitters and specific enzymes within your body. Phenylethylamine abbreviated as PEA acting as a transmitter itself brings forth the release of several other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine which are known to decrease appetite. Caffeine is also known to overcome the issue of increasing weight by burning down unwanted calories. Tea contains theobromine an alkaloid also found in the kola nut and cacao plant it functions as a diuretic by expanding and dilating the blood vessels resulting in effective blood circulation and management of high blood pressure.

What are the recommendations concerning the dosage?

The recommended dosage of weight loss relates to the ideology that things that act as stimulants on the human body have the potential to initiate unwarranted interactions resulting in irreversible side effects. Every human body has a different reaction to the supplement but the common experiences recorded are heartburn, headaches and nausea. Hence the effectiveness of the medicine should be evaluated by an authorized physician –breast feeding, pregnant women should keep away from it the same is advised for the heart disease patient.