Online reputation management begins with finding out about what’s out there concerning you personally. We talk about reputation management and online reputation management for companies and in terms of business. But what about for your personal use? The internet is still a tool which can either assist you or hurt you with your online reputation management. Have you ever Googled yourself? And your social media platform accounts are the first few results to pop up on the first page. But what if we continue the search past the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts? What would you find? Your reputation management begins with you getting to know yourself online.

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Although some may find it uncomfortable to find out more about themselves online by Googling their names and seeing the results. But your online reputation management absolutely depends on it. Think of your online presence like an online resume. It is imperative to take care of your reputation management. Before hiring anyone, companies are interested in looking you up online and seeing what pops up. They want to see if anything you wouldn’t want them to see will show up in their results.  Online reputation management and your abilities in terms of your own personal reputation management is something that companies are putting pressure on as being important and one of the deciding factors in the hiring process.

Your own person reputation management may have a hand in deciding whether or not you get that job you’ve wanted. Consider your online reputation management a requirement for any future jobs. If there is something out on the internet that you don’t want potential employers to find or see, then you need to rectify that problem as early as yesterday. The longer that content stays up, the more views it will get from headhunters and interested employers. Your online reputation management has now taken on the role of your first impression with not only employers, but anyone interested in looking you up on Google to get to know more about you.