If you want the perfect candidate for the position you are trying to recruit, it is important that you take interviewing just as serious as any other step in the recruitment and selection process. The removing reviews from Google team understand exactly why interviewing is so important. You need to carefully plan an interview in order to work smart by avoiding any possible interview mistakes and avoiding any lawsuits by applicants. It is important to choose the right type of interview for any job you are trying to hire for. Some companies choose to do a short phone screening first to get a sense of the person and then they will conduct a face to face interview if they feel the candidate is a good fit so far, for the organization and position they are applying for.

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The different types of interviews include traditional interviews where it takes place normally in an office and consists of the interviewer and the candidate, a series of questions and answers. Another type of interview is a telephone interview and this if often used to narrow down the candidates you are searching for and then you will eventually decide to meet with them in person most probably for a traditional interview. There is also a panel interview, which occurs with several people at once interviewing the one candidate. This type of interview can be nerve racking for the candidate, it allows the employers to get a sense of the person and to be sire that this way they’ll be able to select the right candidate since they share their opinions when the interview is finished. This interview is an effective use of time instead of conducting two interviews. There is a meal interview, which involves having lunch or dinner with the candidate in a more casual environment. A group interview is a more common interview type as well since two or more candidates are interviewed at the same time in order to save time for the employer. There are also video interviews, which can be if someone lives out of town and is planning to move to a location but needs a job; this can be done through Skype. Finally there is a nondirective interview, which is called an unstructured interview where the candidate basically leads the discussion so that you get to know them more.