It is possible that a small discussion kids and their parents is all that takes to break the cycle of some health problems. If parents discuss their own health issues with their children, problems like diabetes and heart diseases are less likely to occur.

You can surely prevent diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer by opting for a healthy lifestyle and good habits. A well-toned effort to avoid suffering of another generation can create all the difference.

When people say that every member in the family has diabetes, all the members of this family suffer from heart disease, the basic reason is ultimately sensitivity to sugar.

So, what can be done for this? Some families have a tendency to gain belly weight gain and get diabetes in the latter stage of their life. Anyone can be a victim of Type II diabetes if they eat a lot of sugar and gain weight, but often some people get diabetes even at low weight.

You can break the cycle of diabetes in the family, by opting for a healthier diet, going for a strict fitness regime, avoiding the things that can accentuate the disease and opting for things that help in better resistance.

Manage the risk factors

In order to end the health issue cycle, it is very important to handle the risk factors related to it. There are risk factors which you cannot change- age, family history, menopause etc. But, you also have risk factors which you can change like exercise, sleeping habits, healthy habits, food selection. With good habits, you can easily lower down the risk factors.

The very stage is to make an objective for better health.

In order to accomplish the aim, look at how your mum, daddy or grandparents have aged. Look at the examples of a healthy life. With the right diet, exercise routine and good health habits, you can fight over any disease and accomplish your goals.

A few things that you can do to avoid health issue cycle:

  • Meet your doctor- if your family member has a problem like obesity, heart disease, it doesn’t mean that you could have the same fortune. However, there are chances that you can suffer from this issue. So, it is important that you keep a check on your health and see your doctor on a periodic basis.
  • With issues like lice, you definitely need to for treatment and lice removal as it is the only way to get rid of lice on a permanent basis. If you don’t opt for lice removal program, you can never break the lice cycle.
  • Speak to the family members about your health problems- as your uncle aunt, parents, grandparents, relatives and siblings about their health condition. Find out from them about what should be done to cope up with a particular issue. It’s okay to share about mood swings, depression and anxiety problems.
  • Find out how close you’re too menopause- staying healthy after menopause is tough. As the estrogen level declines, the body desires more sugar and the stomach fat raises insulin which enhances the risk of other diseases.