• Visiting The Netherlands Is An Incredible Experience.

There are several destinations that a Netherlands visitor absolutely must see at customized guided private tours of Amsterdam.

The Hague (Den Haag), is full of international heritage. As the center of European Justice, it is fitting that the International Criminal Court resides inside the cultural city. Tourists can expect to see the Queen’s incredible office as well as set their eyes upon the old palace and castle.

Visiting Den Haagin your private tours of the Hague allows individuals to experience old-country marvels with a blend of modern architecture. Nearly a stone’s throw from Amsterdam, the city of Haarlem offers visitors the unique perspectives between different historical social classes.

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Tourists can admire the expensive houses that were once owned by the city’s most influential inhabitants and then travel to see the modest yet humbling old homes of those who had originally built the city. Couples who wish to find a peaceful respite away from the hustle of Amsterdam can enjoy the relaxation found inside Haarlem’s town square. Before the day’s adventures begin drawing to an end, visitors would enjoy strolling through the Netherlands Open Air Museum. Children and adults alike will gaze at the historic windmills and antique farms.

The air is crisp and watching the sun set has never been so beautiful. Contrary to popular belief, the expenses required when visiting Amsterdam are actually more affordable than people think. Hostels and hotels are available at affordable rates and even the luxurious rooms are still within the average person’s price range. With over one hundred hotels and hostels, there will assuredly be a vacant place to stay for the night. Sleeping in comfort shouldn’t have to break the proverbial bank.

Most visitors enjoy experimenting with establishments that pay tribute to the Netherland’s legendary culinary dishes. Full course meals are relatively inexpensive and the staff members are always polite. Individuals who are on the go might enjoy trying Febo, a Dutch fast food restaurant. Speaking of ‘on the go’, public transportation in the Netherlands greater area is available for all residents and visitors. Inter-city trains are the most affordable means of transportation for short distances but renting a bicycle can provide mobility throughout the day. Taxi cabs are exceedingly expensive and should only be used as a last resort.