Albania is situated on a peninsula which makes its land very fertile and ideal for farming. With the ideal climatic conditions Albania offers many types of vegetables and fruits. Albanian Riviera offers many types of vegetables and dishes which are made from it. The food here is very delicious which mostly contains the fresh meat along with the fresh vegetables. Many Albanian restaurants are also famous for their local cuisines as well as international cuisines. Most of the famous restaurants are located in the capital city of Albania which is Tirana. So if you are having some confusion in making up your mind that where to find and eat some delicious food. Well then to ease your confusion, here are some of the most famous restaurants of Albania.


Basilico: Basilico restaurant is famous for its unique cuisines. This restaurant serves Italian cuisines as well as local Albanian cuisines and the people love their combination of serving them. Albania and Italy are separated from each other by the Adriatic Sea, but many restaurants in Albania serves Italian cuisines as well. They serve food as authentic as it is served in Italy. This restaurant provides their customers with the traditional original recipes of Italy. Their main attraction is the fresh prepared pasta which they serve along with every meal.

E7E: E7E is a restaurant which provides its customer with a unique experience. E7E offers so many things at the same time that peoples love it here. This restaurant provides their customers with a garden where you can sit and relax while taking the sip of your delicious coffee. E7E also offers a bookshop with seating options where you can sit and read your favorite book while having some coffee or food. They also provide their customers with a art gallery featuring some of the most beautiful art created by local people. E7E is a publishing house in itself with its own imprint. They also host some cultural events and other kinds of activities in their building which includes live acts and musical performance.

Era: Era restaurant serves many regional Albanian dishes along with the Italian treats such as Italian classic pizza which many people likes to eat. This restaurant has awesome ambience which attracts many local people as well as tourists. Its ambience offers stone walls with wooden furniture which looks very attractive. This restaurant also offers outdoor as well as indoor seating option. Outdoor seating offers the views of charming streets, and open terrace.

Sky club: Sky club restaurant is a part of sky club hotel and it is located on the top most floor of the building. This place offers a 360 view of the entire city as it is situated at a higher altitude. One can enjoy the panoramic view of the entire city and the breath taking view of the mountains. The entire restaurants spin at its own axis to provide the all around view of the city. All you have to do is take a seat, order your food and enjoy the view of the entire city in just an hour.