Genetically, some individuals have prominent eyes, which bulge really far from the eye socket. Thus, this shows the whiter area of the eyes near iris.  This can indicate a serious health problem.  At a very young age, your abnormal protruding of eyes must not be ignored but rather be examined by professional health practitioner immediately.

Be aware of the following conditions, which may bulging eyes and needs eyelid lift surgery by Dr. Naveen Somia:


Did you know that one of the most overwhelming causes of your bulging eyes is known to be hyperthyroidism? It typically happens once your thyroid glands generate excessive hormones for the metabolism of the body as well as other significant processes.  If this not addressed right away, these hormone can harm your body over time.

Furthermore, hyperthyroidism can be due to  Grave’s disease, an  autoimmune disorder wherein the immune system of our body attacks the various structures surrounding your eyes such as eyelids, eye muscles and even orbital fat.


Your inherited genes play an important role why you have bulging eyes. Some folks out there are fated to have big appearing eyes.

Orbital tumors

Once you have a tumor within your orbit, this could push your eyeball forward. It can be a gentle orbital tumor such as orbital hemangioma or metastasis.  You should treat first the tumor in order to address it.

Shallow eye socket

Also referred as shallow orbit, your eye socket won’t have sufficient space for your eyeball. That is why your eyeball keeps on moving forward. Later, it will bulge. Such phenomenon is common on specific ethnicities like African Americans and Asians.

Large myopic eyeballs

When your eyeballs are large itself, it could provide you bulging eye look.

Sunken cheek bones

Sunken or poor cheek bones  all around your expressive eyes may lead into a not-so-good bulgy eyeball.

Call An Excellent Surgeon In Sydney!

The surgery needed for your bulgy eyes are quite complicated, detailed and compact and therefore need the special power of an excellent surgeon.  Trust someone who already proved something in the industry specifically in cosmetic orbital decompression on your bulging eyes.  Dr. NaveemSomia is just one of dependable surgeon you can rely on with this matter as he is really good on what he is doing.

Problems with your eyes are a worry that can leave you paranoid. Don’t let these lower your self-confidence.  Help is at hand. Hiring the right surgeon, you will be able to solve all these problems for you.

Getting a bulgy eye treatment is a very devastating and difficult situation to engage with. However, with the best and effective laser eye bag surgery Sydney by Dr Naveen Somia, you choose to help and assist you and your family fights for your normal life. You don’t deserve to live while suffering from the consequences of having bulgy eyes. Experience how amazing this surgeon is and you’ll be surely in good hands. Plus, you can enjoy non-stop gratefulness when your life starts to change. Say bye now to your eye problems and welcome a new youthful and lovelier you!