Is your mind spinning at the prospect of buying an air gun because there are just too many options on the market?

Both the initial and maintenance cost of air guns are much cheaper than those of traditional firearms. Add to that, the fact that they are extraordinarily accurate and are an ideal practice weapon, makes them an extremely popular choice for both the beginner and experienced shooter.

There are several key factors to take into account when choosing your air gun:

  1. Purpose Determines Type

Airguns are purpose-manufactured, and therefore it makes sense for you to first determine what you will be using yours for. Whether it’s target shooting, hunting, competition or pest control, you can narrow your options down to what is appropriate for you.

It is not uncommon for shooters to use their guns as a multi-purpose gun such as 50% pest control and 50% target shooting. But knowing where to start looking is vital because air guns are manufactured to satisfy a particular market.

Range Determines Category

  1. Range Determines Category

Once you have determined your purpose, the next key question to ask yourself is how far you will be shooting. Airguns can be divided into 4 power categories: Super-Magnum (or Specialty Rifles), High (or Magnum), Medium and Light. Light guns perform best to about 30 metres, medium to about 45 metres and magnum or super-magnum to a range of about 60 metres.

Therefore fitting the appropriate power level to the required shooting distance is imperative.

  1. Choosing a Gun Type

Upon determining your purpose and range, you are now ready to decide whether a gas ram, spring gun or PCP would suit your needs best.

Spring guns and gas rams are self-contained cock and shoot guns, but they require heavier duty scopes as they have a recoil. They are available in calibers ranging from .177 to .25, depending on the make and model.

PCPs use cheaper scopes because they have no recoil, and tend to be more powerful. They tend to offer more features than spring or gas ram rifles such as adjustable power.

Don’t let the task of choosing an air gun be a daunting one. Consider these three factors and make a choice which is suitable for you.